Joined by daughter Natalie who will be running some days and biking others.

Join Us for a Mile or a Morning

We keep being asked the logistics of how this works. So here it is...

We drove the route last winter and every 15 miles looked for a place to park the motorhome for a night. Across the state we have farmers, businesses, churches and schools who have welcomed us to stay on their properties. In the morning we take the tow car and drive back 15 miles to the previous nights spot. This is where the run starts. We run to the motorhome, rest, eat and cleanup. Then we go back to the car, hook it up and tow it to the next nights spot and repeat the process.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Today's run was one of my most unpleasant ever.  I had planned for cold and for running in the rain.  Evidently, I did not plan well for cold and rain together.  The winds were still strong out of the ENE (who would have thought we'd have three days in a row with wind like that) with heavy rain.  The run turned into 17 miles with the new host location.  Must have been too wet for the live tracking as it started but didn't update.  Looks like I will have to make a wardrobe adjustment before tomorrow.
One lady did stop and offer me a ride.  When I explained that I couldn't take one, she said she read about me in the New Ulm paper.  Even though I looked like a drowned rat, she high fived me.
The Ray's bar ragnar team would be expecting me to "retire" as I announce after every grueling run.  Tom O'Leary did a nice plug on the team R.E.D. blog page.  Thanks Tom.
Friday nights hosts were Dustin and Brenda Hawkins.  We were fortunate to have them help us out on very short notice.  We had lost our spot up the road and didn't find out about it until Thursday.  The Hawkins gave us a great spot with only a few hours notice.  I was lucky to get a picture as they were very busy with family baseball games to watch. 


Team R.E.D. said...

I hope you get a picture with your hosts from tonight (5/20)! You are with family! - Wendy O'leary's Aunt Nancy, and husband Mike are your hosts... they didn't realize you had a Team R.E.D. connection until you posted something yesterday!

It's further proof, that good people tend to find other good people! Keep it rolling Reggie!

Tom O'

Jo Schimek said...

Praying for warmer dryer weather...keep going strong! One week and 100+ miles down!

Unknown said...

It's further proof, that good people tend to find other good people.

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