Joined by daughter Natalie who will be running some days and biking others.

Join Us for a Mile or a Morning

We keep being asked the logistics of how this works. So here it is...

We drove the route last winter and every 15 miles looked for a place to park the motorhome for a night. Across the state we have farmers, businesses, churches and schools who have welcomed us to stay on their properties. In the morning we take the tow car and drive back 15 miles to the previous nights spot. This is where the run starts. We run to the motorhome, rest, eat and cleanup. Then we go back to the car, hook it up and tow it to the next nights spot and repeat the process.

Monday, May 15, 2017

This was a banner day for Natalie.  Every step after 13.1 miles was a new record.  Way to go Natalie!!!  She helped keep up at the 10 min/mile pace we were at.  The pace includes times we walk for water and snacks.  The only time we stop the watch is when we visit with a farmer.  Those tracking us on in real time see us walking off the road periodically when we visit with local people.

Tracy Headlight-Herald stopped us for an interview.  We also talk to the high school track coach to see if any kids might want to train with us.  Track meet tomorrow, so they are not going to be available.

On left, view from my bedroom window.  Above was our greeters after today's run.

Storms expected for tomorrow.  We might have to adjust the start time to miss the worse of the weather.

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