Joined by daughter Natalie who will be running some days and biking others.

Join Us for a Mile or a Morning

We keep being asked the logistics of how this works. So here it is...

We drove the route last winter and every 15 miles looked for a place to park the motorhome for a night. Across the state we have farmers, businesses, churches and schools who have welcomed us to stay on their properties. In the morning we take the tow car and drive back 15 miles to the previous nights spot. This is where the run starts. We run to the motorhome, rest, eat and cleanup. Then we go back to the car, hook it up and tow it to the next nights spot and repeat the process.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Seemed like lots going on today.  First, some milestones.  My mom turned 95.  I wasn't there to celebrate with her, but I did call.
Congratulations also to nephew Reed and his daughter Rebecca for completing the Green Bay half marathon on Sunday.  Way to Go!!!!
Thank you to the Mankato Wal-Mart for letting us park overnight and half of the next day.
As I arrived at the end of the 16 miles today, my friend from Rochester,Tim Geise, was waiting with Egg McMuffins.  What a reception.  He had been following me the last few miles as I maneuvered my way up the Mankato hills.
Natalie rode 50 miles and was much later getting back, but I save the second sandwich for her anyway.  After the bike ride and a little rest, she went to the Y and swam 2000 yards.  The 1/2 iron man is in June.
Next we ventured over to Sheels as Natalie had never been to one.  Conversation soon turned to our shirts and what we were doing.  There were a couple of minor problems with Natalie's bike and the manager told her to bring it in and they adjusted and tested it.  The also sent us on our way with some water bottles and a picture.  Check out Sheels facebook page for the photo.  Thank you to the Mankato Sheels.  It was an awesome experience.
Nice rain here tonight.  I hope it is gone by morning.  We're in Janesville tonight and on to Waseca tomorrow at Keisler's campground.

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