Joined by daughter Natalie who will be running some days and biking others.

Join Us for a Mile or a Morning

We keep being asked the logistics of how this works. So here it is...

We drove the route last winter and every 15 miles looked for a place to park the motorhome for a night. Across the state we have farmers, businesses, churches and schools who have welcomed us to stay on their properties. In the morning we take the tow car and drive back 15 miles to the previous nights spot. This is where the run starts. We run to the motorhome, rest, eat and cleanup. Then we go back to the car, hook it up and tow it to the next nights spot and repeat the process.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

First, I'd like to thank everyone who has sent a text, email or posted on Facebook or the blog their condolences. My family and I truly appreciate each message.

Details of the services are as follows:
Tuesday, May 30 - visitation from 4:00-8:00 pm
Wednesday, May 31 - funeral at 11:00 am
Both are at Zion Lutheran Church in Stewartville, MN

Cards can be sent to my mom's house. If you need that address please contact Griffin-Gray Funeral Home in Stewartville, MN.

Any questions, please leave a comment.
Thank you.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It is with a very sad heart that I am letting everyone know that my dad passed away peacefully in his sleep last night. We don't know the cause yet but I can say that his runs were going really well and he seemed to be feeling great when he went to bed. If you were reading his blog you already know that he was having a fantastic time! He was as happy as he could have been.

While this is unexpected and very difficult for us, it probably couldn't have been a better way to pass. Services will be at Zion Lutheran in Stewartville likely next Tuesday and Wednesday. I'll let everyone know as plans are solidified.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our host on Monday was Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton schools.  Baseball coach and grounds keeper, Scott Kaminski, had us setup with a spot with electricity (and water if we needed it).  We were next to the play ground, so the motorhome held a lot of curiosity from the elementary kids about why we were parking on school property.  We caught a picture of some of the 6th graders.

We also had a nice conversation with superintendent Bill Adams who approved us spending the night at JWP.

Last night we received an email from Kali at the Dog House Bar & Grill right on main street in Janesville.  She invited us to lunch today.  What an unexpected surprise.  Lunch (and a bloody mary for Natalie) was superb.  Here she is with her boss and owner Zac.
Weather threatened rain all morning.  We debated on rain gear, and decided to take it with us.  Bad choice.  I had Natalie's and mine around my waist for most of the run.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Seemed like lots going on today.  First, some milestones.  My mom turned 95.  I wasn't there to celebrate with her, but I did call.
Congratulations also to nephew Reed and his daughter Rebecca for completing the Green Bay half marathon on Sunday.  Way to Go!!!!
Thank you to the Mankato Wal-Mart for letting us park overnight and half of the next day.
As I arrived at the end of the 16 miles today, my friend from Rochester,Tim Geise, was waiting with Egg McMuffins.  What a reception.  He had been following me the last few miles as I maneuvered my way up the Mankato hills.
Natalie rode 50 miles and was much later getting back, but I save the second sandwich for her anyway.  After the bike ride and a little rest, she went to the Y and swam 2000 yards.  The 1/2 iron man is in June.
Next we ventured over to Sheels as Natalie had never been to one.  Conversation soon turned to our shirts and what we were doing.  There were a couple of minor problems with Natalie's bike and the manager told her to bring it in and they adjusted and tested it.  The also sent us on our way with some water bottles and a picture.  Check out Sheels facebook page for the photo.  Thank you to the Mankato Sheels.  It was an awesome experience.
Nice rain here tonight.  I hope it is gone by morning.  We're in Janesville tonight and on to Waseca tomorrow at Keisler's campground.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

COLD...WET...WINDY... Another day of the same.  But, fortunately we waited until the rain was pretty well stopped AND the wind was from the west.  So, all in all it was a good run.  Natalie was back to keep me on track.
I also had my new cold/wet weather garb on.  I really didn't need it and was pretty warm during the run, but after yesterday, it was niiiice.
Received an email from Tom O'Leary this morning.  Now Tom is the Byron track coach, Team R.E.D. founder (Run, Eat and Drink or at least two of the three) and enthusiast extraordinaire.  There are never any sad faces when Tom is around.  He attached this cheer from the Byron track team at the True Team State Meet.  I hope they had a marvelous event.  Thank you for the support!!!
Also in the email he said I have to be sure to get a picture, because our host family was his wife's aunt and uncle, Nancy & Mike Sohler (how coincidental is that).  Mike had called on Saturday to tell us to make ourselves at home as they would not be there when we arrived.  Mike's dad passed away yesterday, so keep them in your prayers this week.  They stopped in on their way out today and we had a nice chat & took the picture. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Today's run was one of my most unpleasant ever.  I had planned for cold and for running in the rain.  Evidently, I did not plan well for cold and rain together.  The winds were still strong out of the ENE (who would have thought we'd have three days in a row with wind like that) with heavy rain.  The run turned into 17 miles with the new host location.  Must have been too wet for the live tracking as it started but didn't update.  Looks like I will have to make a wardrobe adjustment before tomorrow.
One lady did stop and offer me a ride.  When I explained that I couldn't take one, she said she read about me in the New Ulm paper.  Even though I looked like a drowned rat, she high fived me.
The Ray's bar ragnar team would be expecting me to "retire" as I announce after every grueling run.  Tom O'Leary did a nice plug on the team R.E.D. blog page.  Thanks Tom.
Friday nights hosts were Dustin and Brenda Hawkins.  We were fortunate to have them help us out on very short notice.  We had lost our spot up the road and didn't find out about it until Thursday.  The Hawkins gave us a great spot with only a few hours notice.  I was lucky to get a picture as they were very busy with family baseball games to watch. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

No pictures today.  Another very stiff headwind.  I'll have to see if Cindy Morgan can improve on the conditions.  Barely met out host family.  We parked, ran and left.  I believe we are about 99 miles, which puts us right on schedule for the Med City.

Natalie left to watch her kids soccer tournament tomorrow.  She's planning on being back tomorrow night.  Tomorrow's run will be boring as well.  Just a straight shot east.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The runs seem to be evolving.  Some people know that we can receive emails and texts on our watches so they send running jokes and trivia to keep us occupied during the run.

Our host family last night was the Stafferts, Curt, Betsy, Samatha and Gus.  They are very busy this week.  They operate the Pink Swan ("pinkswanreations"on facebook), a women's boutique and beauty parlour right on their rural property.  So they are not only getting ready for the grand opening on Saturday, but are having Samatha's graduation party the same day.  They still found time to be superb hosts.  Thank you.

Day 6 did not start out very well.  It was raining and windy.  Since it was raining when we left for Lamberton, we went on to Tracy to buy a newspaper.  It was a nice article.

Apologies to those that are real time tracking, as the system didn't start properly.  Probably because some unnamed person messed with my watch and phone last night.  The run finally started at 7:40.  Made one wrong turn (not the one pictured below).  Total miles was 15.8.

We also found out last night that we lost our Friday night spot.  We went out this afternoon to get a new one.  It will be a 16+ mile run that day, but we have a spot.  Funny thing was, she was the second person we talked to today who had heard of us.  I guess crazy gets around.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This was our first day with rain.  We started an hour late to let some of the showers go by.  Anderson Electric of Lamberton was our host Tuesday night.  Met dad, two brothers, sister and grandson.  Nice family business,


Yes, we did cross Plum Creek of little house fame.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Today was a 40 mile biking day for Natalie.  I beat her though.  I was done with my 16 running before she made the round trip journey.  I still have to keep in mind that we are not racing.  There is not a time limit for the run. 

Thank you to our hosts for last night, Merna & Dale Malmberg.  We met Dale briefly as he was finishing planting beans.  Merna joined us for supper last night and brought vegetable soup and salsa for us to take on the trip.  Not only that, served us a delicious quiche for breakfast this morning after the run (and biking).  Natalie had a great time visiting about books.  We also learned she was the first woman police chief in Minnesota.

Monday, May 15, 2017

This was a banner day for Natalie.  Every step after 13.1 miles was a new record.  Way to go Natalie!!!  She helped keep up at the 10 min/mile pace we were at.  The pace includes times we walk for water and snacks.  The only time we stop the watch is when we visit with a farmer.  Those tracking us on in real time see us walking off the road periodically when we visit with local people.

Tracy Headlight-Herald stopped us for an interview.  We also talk to the high school track coach to see if any kids might want to train with us.  Track meet tomorrow, so they are not going to be available.

On left, view from my bedroom window.  Above was our greeters after today's run.

Storms expected for tomorrow.  We might have to adjust the start time to miss the worse of the weather.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Today was a very good day at least for me.  The run ended up just under 11 miles.  Evidently there are shorter ways between the way points than the random roads I drove in Decembers.  It was very windy, so Natalie's biking was rather tough when facing the wind.

Found a pink pig!
3 ladies from Pipestone
stopped for a picture.
Stopped for a little while and talked to Leroy Olson.  He is working up his last field for the season.

Another wonderful surprise when we got back to the motorhome.  There was a bag on the steps with meat sticks, prize hot dogs and hamburger.  Another treat from John Bakker before he went into the field for the day.

For those who missed it, here is the link to the KAAL TV story.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

We had a very pleasant surprise this evening.  John Bakker stopped by with fresh asparagus.  I had met John when I was looking for our 2nd night spot last December.  He graciously offered a spot in his yard with restroom and shower in his new shop.  When our first night didn't pan out we stayed at the campground 1/4 mile from his farm and spent 2 nights here.  We were glad to have him visit and received a tour of his farm.
Day 1

The first day is in the books.  The run went well and we are both feeling good. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Thank you to Kaal TV for the exit interview as we left for the South Dakota border.
Thank you to Eric, Liz and Jeff at the Post Bulletin for the publicity.  We are looking forward to having people join us either running or biking.   The running pace will be slow so everyone can keep up.

Article Link:

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Also thank you to the Rochester Track Club, especially the Saturday morning long runs, for the great training environment. 

Check out Team RED where fitness can be fun and usually is.      

Of course Natalie is the one who got me started running.  Since she is coming along and training for a triathlon, her family will be without mom for 3 weeks.  Not to worry, Dad (Jamie) is a great cook.  Avery takes care of the chickens and collects the eggs when not carrying a hen under each arm.  Brett is training to give Grandpa a challenge in a 5K.  Thank you for all the support.

Family support is very important.  Quentin & Julie's family are close by to help with the duties I am leaving behind.  Q Transmission is on the farm so we are never in a bind for vehicles to drive.  Julie helps coordinate the girls swim teams and has procured a "Border to Border" banner for the motorhome.  Sam and Charli not only has their mom's knack for cooking, they also help around the shop.  Thank you all.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Finished the last training run.  No more running in 15 mile circles.  While out this morning, I started to count all the people who helped make the Border to Border happen.  I will try to thank as many as possible in the next few posts.

I could not have made it this far without my wife Rosemary.  She takes on a lot of the farmyard duties, especially all the mowing.  Though she retired from the actual farming, she will still jump into a truck or combine when necessary.  When I started to run 15 year ago, I said I wanted to run long enough to make a shirt quilt.  She made this beautiful king size quilt in 2008.  It will be along on the run.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Farming will be done on Sunday.  We are on schedule to leave for the South Dakota border on Friday May 12th.  The run will start on May 13th.

A big THANK YOU to Tiffany & Sara at TerraLoco for supplying a GREAT pair of new shoes to take me across the state.  

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Runs begin at 6:30 am.
Average daily distance is 15 miles running, 30 miles biking.
Bike schedule to be posted

Target start date is May 13th.

   May  Day # Start lat long/description  Bike Days Address
13 1 44.2685167 -96.4528500  No Highway 14 SD Border
14 2 44.2256500 -96.2533500  Yes Highway 9, Lake Benton, MN (Twin Lake County Park)
15 3 44.2108000 -96.0492000  No 1250 110th Street, Ruthton, MN
16 4 44.2192667 -95.8154833  Yes 1155 240th Ave, Garvin, MN
17 5 44.2223000 -95.5338667  No 11852 Bunker Ave, Walnut Grove, MN
18 6 44.2261740 -95.2703400  Yes 546 S IIex Street, Lamberton, MN
19 7 44.2272000 -95.0110333  No 41130 180th Street West, Springfield, MN.
20 8 44.2225833 -94.7571700   28638 County Road 24, Sleepy Eye, MN
21 9 44.2249140 -94.4625820   14485 County Road 24, New Ulm, MN
22 10 44.1595720 -94.2437990   50606 213 Street, Lake Crystal MN
23 11   Walmart   1881 East Madison Ave, Mankato
24 12   Trinity Lutheran Church   Janesville
25 13   Keislers Campground   Waseca
26 14   Trinity Lutheran Church   609 Lincoln Ave S. Owatonna
27 15  44.071529 -92.899810   17000 610th St, Dodge Center (this location could change)
28 16   Intermediate School  No Byron - Med City Marathon (Half)
29 17   Athletic Parking Lot  Yes Rochester Community College
30 18    Corner of US 14 and County 10   Dover
31 19   Lewiston High School   Lewiston
31 19   End at Bridge to Wisconsin   Winona